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  • 15May
    ANNOUNCEMENT: LSIS to change its corporate name to LS ELECTRIC

    Dear customers and partners,

    LS – Korea electrical equipment brand has become familiar with the Vietnamese market in the field of industrial electricity and automation. The strong products such as MCCB, MCB, Contactor, ACB, MTR … of LS brand has been appearing more and more in large and small projects in the field of industry and civil.

    LSIS (LS Industrial Systems), the leading company in the Korean electrical and automation industries of LS Group is a manufacturer of a series of circuit breakers and protection circuits (MCCB, MCB, Contactor, ACB …), dry transformers. (MTR), LSU medium voltage cabinets LS … has official announced the change of company name to LS Electric with a new vision and mission to accelerate to expand its global business.

    This change represents an ambition to strengthening its global business and customer-centered management. LS Electric determined that the use of “IS” in the name had limited its identity to industrial electrical and automation fields.

    Therefore, they decided to change their name to affirm the expansion of their business and show their ongoing efforts to address the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. LS Electric now aims to penetrate global power, automation, and smart energy markets.

    The new name LS Electric reflects the company’s image as a leader of the domestic and global markets and its evolution from a device-based into a solution platform-based company through specializing in manufacturing technology with the convergence of ICT and IoT, Industry 4.0 solutions, and smart power transmission/distribution technology.

    E, the symbol character of LS Electric, stands for ECO, EFFICIENCY, and EVOLUTION.

    The future of the new energy era is eco-friendly and will evolve into a technology that can be used safely and conveniently by all humankind.

    With the above change, LS Electric wishes to continue to receive the support and acceptance of customers and partners in Vietnam market.

    Best regards,