Message from Chairman

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    Message from Chairman

    Since 2006 Thai Son Bac Trading Co., Ltd, has been the authorized distributor of LS Group (previously LG Group – Korea) for electrict equipment business. Experiencing the past structure and development time after time, Thai Son Bac Trading Co., Ltd has become a worldwide largest distributor of LS.

    Thai Son Bac Trading Co., Ltd. has been along with our partners  to supply LS products in thousands of project all over Viet Nam so that LS has been recognized as a popular brand to investors, design consultants, M&E contractors.

    Product quality, service quality, broad of manager and staff, LS’s supports, and solid cooperation with partners established Thai Son Bac’s current reputation and market share of LS product in Viet Nam Electrical Market.

    To maintain and develop the successful results of company, Thai Son Bac Trading Co., Ltd, we will constantly endeavour to supply the best products and the best service to definitely satisfy the customers who decide Thai Son Bac’s existence.

    “Your success is our honor and happiness”


    Bui Dinh Te