LS Mold Transformer

Compact size, high efficiency, easy maintenance
Excellent shortage mechanical strength, water-proof characteristic, and non-flammability
Rating: 3P 3.3-22.9kV / HV-LV 50 ~ 15,000KVA

LS Low – Voltage Equipment

Super performance; Super breaking capacity; Super optimum coordination
Super life span and Super extensive applications
An advanced trip relay for measurement, diagnosis, analysis, and communication
Protective functions for absolute protective coordination and...

LS Medium Voltage Equipment

We are a one of leading electrical equipment manufacturers
Now we are offering these advanced technology products in the world wide
We provide Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Vacuum Interrupters, Vacuum Contactors
Power fuses, Ring Main Unit, Load Break Switch

LS Telecommunication

Optical Tx/Rx modules, LAN cables of 10 Gigabytes
Coaxial systems advance wireless information systems
Helped construct the information super-highway
Build optical communications networks at home over FTTH

LS Busway

Large volume of energy transmission and Lower Voltage Drop
Easy construction due to a one-bolt structure
High capacity cabling, small space requirement and cost-efficiency
High short-circuit strength (up to 200kA/1s for Aluminium & Copper Busduct from 4000A)

  • To build on the success of the last 10 years, Thai Son Nam Trading Co., Ltd will continue to prioritize customer service and maintain its position of market leader in electrical equipment distribution
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