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  • 17Sep
    Vietnam hopes to enter the 1/8 round of the Futsal World Cup

    After the opening match lost 1-9 to the Brazilian team, the Vietnamese futsal team had a match against Panama on the evening of September 16.

    Winning is the only goal for both teams. Despite their poorer physique, Vietnam made good use of fixed situations when entering the game. In the 3rd minute, from a kick-in phase, the ball was quickly brought by Chau Doan Phat (No. 4) into the penalty area for Minh Tri (No. 8) to quickly open the score.


    Minh Tri celebrates opening the scoring for Vietnam futsal team in the match against Panama. Photo: VFF

    Vietnam’s goal to double the lead came in a similar scenario, this time a corner on the right. Doan Phat hit the ball a beat and then shot diagonally, causing the Panama goalkeeper to fail to react.

    Chau Doan Phat scored to make it 2-0 for Vietnam futsal team. Photo: VFF

    Soon after two goals, Panama was forced to raise the bar to find an equalizer. With long strides and quite skillful individual techniques, the players from Central America put pressure on Vietnam. And from a combination in the narrow space, ending with Abdiel Castrello’s free kick, Panama shortened the score in the 10th minute.

    The momentous situation in the first half appeared in the 11th minute. Goalkeeper Ho Van Y observed that the Panama goalkeeper flew up and sent the ball to hit the horizontal and bounced back and hit the vertical post. Duc Tung kicked back then also hit the ball to hit the vertical post. Immediately after this phase, the Vietnam futsal team asked the referee to use video support technology (Video Support for short, VS, similar to VAR technology in 11-a-side football) to review the football. cross the lime line or not.

    The referee, after reviewing VS, decided there was no goal for Vietnam even though the angle on television felt like football completely rolled over the line.


    The referee did not recognize the goal for Vietnam futsal team after reviewing VS in the 11th minute

    In the second half of the first half, Panama’s physical advantage was promoted, they attacked heavily. Right before the break, Dac Huy fouled Ruman (No. 8 -Panama). This is the 6th synthetic error of Vietnam futsal team and must receive a penalty at 10m distance.

    From the free-kick, Castrillon did not miss the opportunity to complete a 2-2 equalizer.

    After the break, Panama rushed to attack, trying to dribble, break through, finish. However, Panama’s efforts were unsuccessful because of the great reflexes of goalkeeper Ho Van Y. Many attacks did not score, Panama had to pay the 26th minute price.

    Nguyen Van Hieu stole the ball from the tall player Ortiz (No. 15) and then broke through two Panama players, tricking the goalkeeper before slamming the ball into the net from a tight angle in a falling position. This emotional goal made Vietnam’s coaching staff and players on the field burst with joy.

    Nguyen Van Hieu scored the winning goal of Vietnam Futsal team

    In a corner, Panama rose strongly, but the talent of goalkeeper Ho Van Y discouraged the opponent’s strikers.

    In the last 4 minutes of the game, Panama applied a power-play strategy. Many opportunities were created by Panama but they could not succeed once.

    Winning the dramatic final match 3-2, Vietnam futsal team continues to maintain hopes of reaching the 1/8 round of the FIFA Futsal World Cup 2021.

    The final match of the group stage takes place on the evening of September 19, Vietnam Tel will meet the Czech Republic.

    According to vnexpress.net