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  • 23Sep
    Losing the world runner-up by 1 goal, Vietnam futsal stops at FIFA Futsal World Cup 2021
    Losing the world runner-up by 1 goal, Vietnam futsal stops at FIFA Futsal World Cup 2021

    Stopped in the knockout round with a minimal difference, but coach Pham Minh Giang and students fought hard and showed their maturity through each match in Lithuania.

    With a superior level, Russia actively attacked right after the opening whistle and had no difficulty to gain control of the game.

    Only in the first half of the first half, Russia launched more than 20 shots towards the Vietnamese goal. But in the excellent night of competition, goalkeeper Ho Van Y continuously shone with his saves, helping Vietnam stand up to the pressure of Russia.


    Goalkeeper Ho Van Y with a series of excellent saves

    In contrast to Russia, Vietnam had only one chance after the counterattack in the 8th minute. Unfortunately in the last situation, after eliminating all Russian players to escape to face goalkeeper Dmitri Putilov, Nguyen Van Hieu shot into the sky again from close range, missing the opportunity to score for Vietnam.

    Although he played very well, but under constant pressure from Russia, goalkeeper Ho Van Y also had to go into the net to pick up the ball.


    Vietnam futsal team plays resiliently against Russia

    In the 11th minute, with the ball in the middle of the field, Robinho used a technique to overcome Duc Hoa and coordinate with Afanasev. Robinho then jumped up to meet Afanasev’s bounce and then shot a thick shot from a narrow angle to beat goalkeeper Ho Van Y, opening the scoring for Russia.

    After the goal, Russia continued to attack and created more chances. But just like at the beginning of the match, Russia’s finishing phase did not surpass the talent of goalkeeper Ho Van Y.

    The match was deadlocked, coach Skorovich Sergey asked for a consultation. And right after the game came back, Russia got a second goal thanks to Ivan Chishkala with a dangerous finish in front of the box after Robinho’s right-wing situation.

    But just a few seconds after conceding goal 2, Vietnam had a goal to shorten the score.

    Starting from the strong kick of goalkeeper Ho Van Y, Gia Hung escaped to use his head to pass into the penalty area and Nguyen Dac Huy was able to jump in to make a header to knock down goalkeeper Dmitri Putilov from close range, withdrawing. shorten the score to 1-2 for Vietnam.


    Duc Huy celebrates the goal against Russia futsal team

    In the second half, Russia completely dominated. And after a few missed opportunities, Russia also had a third goal thanks to Ivan Chishkala (30 minutes) with a breakthrough and a beautiful cross from the left wing.

    In the last 7 minutes, Vietnam switched to Power Play with determination to find more goals. However, every time Vietnam had the ball, all four Russian players retreated to defend around the penalty area, making it difficult for Vietnam to get close to the goal of goalkeeper Putilov.

    It was not until the 38th minute that Vietnam’s offensive efforts paid off. The scorer to shorten the score to 2-3 for Vietnam is Pham Duc Hoa with a dangerous finish with his left foot at the edge of the penalty area.

    In the end, Russia beat Vietnam 3-2 and won tickets to the quarterfinals.

    The Vietnam Futsal team has shown improvement match by match at this year’s World Cup! Congratulations to the Vietnam Futsal Coaching Board and Players! We have the right to hold our heads high and continue to strive and strive for the 3rd time in a row to attend the Final round of Futsal World Cup!

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